Sunday, September 30, 2007

DQ meeting that led to the 3rd draft.

- Revealing death as a roomie
- Evil Stevil choking on pea in order to perfect jump.

-Death character evolves, and realises that he infact DOESN'T want evil stevil to die during the jump.
- begins to support his success in the jump.

- Evil Stevil dies
- Death is extremely upset.

- Evil Stevil is satisfied that he got to complete his jump.
- Death finds a similar companion to ES in the new young Dare devil.


*update* Oct 1
I was talking to Rory in lecture today and he brought up a good point that this draft seems to be pretty dialogue heavy. I'm glad he mentioned that and I should have been more clear that the dialogue I included was mainly to emphasize the character relationships, and the character's personalities. The dialogue I included can be changed or taken out...the reason I added it along with the detailed character explanations was so that everyone could have a clear understanding of who our characters are.
- Frank

Evil Stevil Jumps Again: 3rd Draft

The premise of a film or screenplay is the fundamental concept that drives the plot. A good premise can usually be expressed in a short sentence. For example: A lonely boy is befriended by an alien; A small town is terrorized by a shark; A small boy sees dead people.

Premise: An aged dare devil that lives with death figuratively and literally attempts to complete his legendary final jump, much to the reluctance of Death himself.

Characters/ Character Arc:

Evil Stevil:

An aged dare devil who has spent the last few decades of his life perfecting his legendary jump. He has become a fanatic over the completion of his jump and will not die until it is completed.

- Evil Stevil wants to complete the most spectacular jump ever.
- He needs to perfect it before he can attempt it.
- He Jumps, completes it, but dies after he has safely landed it.
- Does not care that he is dead, but is satisfied that he completed what he set out to do and can finally be content with himself and his life.


Lives with Evil Stevil, waiting for him to finish his jump so that he can move him on to the after life. Death has a reluctant relationship with Evil Stevil (love, hate). He has grown close to Evil Stevil. They act like an old married couple. Evil Stevil MUST be the dominant one in the relationship, otherwise death would have taken him away long ago.

- Death wants to take Evil Stevil to the afterlife.
- Death needs to wait for Evil Stevil to die (in the jump)
- Once Evil Stevil finally attempts the jump, Death becomes afraid for him. (irony that death is afraid of his friends death)
- Death now supports Evil Stevil’s survival
- When Evil Stevil does die AFTER the jump, death is upset that he has lost a friend.

*what death WANTS changes from Evil Stevil’s death, to Evil Stevil’s survival in order to keep his companion*

*death is a vehicle for the audience’s nervousness for Evil Stevil. Death is the character the audience truly connects with.*


Evil Stevil sits at a work table tinkering with a crude model of his legendary jump, evidence around him implies that he is a fanatic dare devil past his prime. A second character, not known to the audience at this point sits in an easy chair channel surfing. (Important that one of the stations he passes involves the young, up and coming dare devil. This set’s up the end). As Evil Stevil is attempting to perfect his model he is eating peas, but due to his feeble nature, keeps dropping the peas out of his spoon as his hand shakes. The peas land on the table around the model and splat, symbolic of his failure to perfect the jump. Death (still unknown to the audience) sits in the chair and impatiently asks Evil Stevil if he is done the jump yet.

Death: are you finished that jump yet?!? It’s been 50 years Steve, how much longer are you gonna make me wait?! People are gonna forget who Evil Stevil was before you ever finish that thing, and would it kill you to get some more snacks around here?! I’m starving.

ES: Ahhh, shut up you bag of bones. Don’t rush me! They ain’t gonna forget who I am! I’ll be done when I’m done!--- *choking noises*

During their argument, Evil Stevil chokes on one of the peas that he’s eating. As he grabs at his neck and flails around, he knocks the crude model, shifting all the pieces around. The character in the easy chair turns and anxiously peers over the chair. At this point it is revealed that the second character is death. As Evil Stevil stumbles around choking, death isn’t phased at all (because he’s death).

Death: oh common! Are you serious Steve? You make me wait all this time for you to do your big legendary jump, and THIS is how you’re gonna die? *sigh* Well…let me know when you’re dead.

Death sits back down in the chair and continues to channel surf. Meanwhile Evil Stevil finally coughs up the pea; it shoots out of his mouth and gracefully goes through the model with ease. The pea rolls to a calm stop at the end of the jump. It works. Evil Stevil stares at it with excitement, realises what he must do, and yells. “THAT’S IT! BY GOLLY IT’S GONNA WORK!”

ES: Death! Fetch me my good JUMPIN’ pants!

Death: *sighs*…alright…let’s get this over with. (Reluctant and bored)

Evil Stevil picks up an old style phone and without even dialing says:

ES: Hello? Mr. President. It’s Evil Stevil, Sir. Notify the country! I’m gonna JUMP AGAIN!

In the next scene Evil Stevil prepares himself in his supped up wheel chair as we are shown the spectacular jump by a massive gorge with bleachers full of people all anxiously waiting. Death sits in the audience, looking bored and anxious for it to be over with. In one last moment of suspense, Evil Stevil wheels his way to the edge of the ramp, and zips, through the most spectacular jump the world has ever seen. During the jump, continuous cuts are made back to death in the audience as he becomes increasingly more interested in what’s going on, and increasingly more concerned for Evil Stevil’s safety. Death makes comments like:

Death: OMG! Rattle snakes?!!?!...he never told me about the rattle snakes!!! He could get seriously hurt!

Death can also be randomly seen wearing giant foam fingers or waving flags as his support for Evil Stevil’s safe completion of the jump grows. Just as it seems he is in the clear, his wheel chair strikes a pebble or a lady bug or something really insignificant, which sends him off balance. The chair flips forward, sending Evil Stevil’s body violently to the ground. In controlled chaos, he topples and rolls across the sand until his battered body slides up into the stage between two models. A photographer leans in to snap a picture the models look down at Evil Stevil’s crumpled body and scream. Time passes and everyone is gone, except for death who sits alone by Evil Stevil’s crumpled body crying at the death of his roomie/ friend. In an ironic twist death is saddened at the death of the man he was sent to collect. Evil Stevil’s soul sits up dazed and looks at death.

ES: what’re you blathering about you wimp!

Death: Y-you’re dead. (Crying out of control)

ES: yeah well…I made the jump right? It still counts doesn’t it?!?

Death: yeah, you did, bu--- (interrupted by Steve)

ES: haha! That’s all I need to hear, Boney! Let’s get the hell outta here! (Slaps death on the back out of joy while death is still crying)

Death: I can’t go with you…This is it, after 50 years, it’s over…so I guess this is good-bye…Jus-Just walk towards the light... (Crying)

(Evil Stevil pauses, confused by Death’s sadness, but ES is oblivious to the reason why, and doesn’t even attempt to make him feel better.)

ES: ohhh…well…See ya!

(death lets out one last cry as his friend leave him forever [comedy of seeing death in mourning])

A shaft of light appears, and Evil Stevil walk’s towards it, oblivious to the fact that Death is so upset at the loss of his friend. Evil Stevil disappears into the light and Death is left alone crying. In The final scene death is sitting in a bigger chair with a big screen TV (A noticeable improvement from Evil Stevil’s home) He is now waiting the same way he was waiting for Evil Stevil, but for the younger dare devil who appeared on the TV in the first scene. Death is happy once again to have a companion.

Young Dare Devil (Crazy Cooter):…uhh, Excuse me…hi…what’re you doing here??

Death: meh, don’t worry about that, just keep working on your jump thingy…no rush…take your time!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some concepts...

Bad ass evil Stevil!

Story Vrs.3

All of the red areas are the persons on pitch, the green areas are the ideas that bounced off from other team mates! You might have to enlarge some of them by clicking on them!

Please mind the spelling! Thanks!

Some Conceptual Design

I LOVE Post-its

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Supervisors & Group Resume

The group resume is due tommorow for Tony, so I wrote this up using the notes I took from our first meeting on strengths and weaknesses. I also think Tony is going to ask for our Design and Story Supervisors. Our original names dropped in the hat were...

Design: Nabeel
Story: Frank [assist. Tracy]

If anyone wants to put their name in lemme know! Also here is our group resume.... again if anyone wants to add something let me know quick! I will check this post one more time before I go to bed tonight around 11!!

Group Resume

As an enthusiastic team, we have decided as a whole to produce a successful and entertaining short animated film. Together we have discussed time management and have decided that we would rather be ambitious in the facet of animation, then in the time that has been allocated to us. We also agree that we must have a strong sense of story and character before moving forward with the production process.

Together we sat down and evaluated our own personal strengths and weaknesses. As a collective group we have come to the conclusion that our strengths lie in the field of animation. With a variety of character and effects animators, we believe that our diversity of talent will assist in the success of our film. We have also learned that, although we have a few very talented layout artists, collectively we are weak in this aspect of the pipeline. Recognizing our combined weakness, we all aspire to become better layout artists throughout the stages of our film.

We all look forward to working together and are excited to grow as artist and animators.

Statement of Intent

We aspire to work as a team of artistic individuals within a fun, positive and harmonious environment. Our goal is to produce a successful short animated film, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. We hope to reach a larger audience, entertaining both the young and old.

notes on Story 2

Here are the notes I took during our last meeting with DQ (monday). Please excuse the spelling, etc.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Story - Second Draft

Evil Stevil Jumps Again – Second Draft

Plan B Production


- Unfinished business
- Wants to finish impossible jump
- Pride


- Old shack at the edge of a canyon/ gorge
- Desert


- Juxtaposition of old 70s style footage of Evil Stevil’s accomplishments and close ups of Evil Stevil in the present day eating his peas.
- Cut back and forth between the two as a narrator (sports caster) gives a quick description of Evil Stevil’s career.
- Most important points to hit would be the old rumor that Evil Stevil had bought his own canyon and was constructing the most incredible jump the world has ever seen. However, it was never perfected and he was unable to do it after he was forced into retirement from injuries cause by a surprisingly simple jump. Also, that Evil Stevil has cheated death many times. (an implication of the end.)
- It was assumed that he would never jump again.
- After juxtaposition montage, Evil Stevil sits alone in his small, single room, cluttered with old memorabilia, x-rays, and equipment.
- He sits and struggles to eat his peas.
- As he brings them up to his mouth, his hand gives out and the peas fall off the spoon.
- In a final fit of frustraition over his helplessness he knocks over the bowl of peas.
- They fly up and the bowl tumbles to the ground.
- One of the peas lands on his cane and rolls down it like a ramp until it shoots up off his foot.
- Evil Stevil watches in amazement as the pea zips across his field of view.
- A sudden calm and sense of determination come over him as he becomes inspired by the pea’s acrobatic jump.
- He gently adjusts the angle of his cane and sends another peas rolling down the make shift model ramp.
- It rolls down and and sails off his shoe once again, but this time because of the improved angle it lands gracefully in a near by trophy.
- With a sudden realization of what he must do, Evil Stevil makes his way to his closet and swings it open to reveal only a single piece of clothing inside. His stunt suit.
- After a cut we see the aged dare Devil in his stunt suit, standing with a new sense of purpose and pride.
- He hits a hidden button and one of the walls in his small room slide up like a garage door. It is revealed that the jump he had been constructing is right outside his shack.
- In an establishing shot, it is shown how comically close his little shack is to the edge of the canyon.
- In the final shot of the setup, Evil Stevil stands at the top of his ramp and dusts it off implying he hasn’t been out there in a long time.
- He stands with pride at the top, looking down the ramp at his fate.
- A series of spinning newspapers reveal that Evil Stevil will jump again and has come out of retirement to complete his legendary unfinished jump.
- Establishing shot of his shack and canyon , now with bleachers filled with a roaring audience
- Pan through the excitement (show death somewhere in the crowd) until we come to Evil Stevil who slumps into a wheel chair (which he will do the jump in)
- Just as he is about to go down the jump, he pulls a pea out of his pocket, kisses it and drops it down the ramp first as a sign of his planning and inspiration that led to this day.
- He shoots through unimaginable obstacles. (be as creative as possible…go nuts!)
- Until he reaches the top of the final drop
- Grad finale – flys down the ramp and sails across the gorge in a dramatic shot.
- Miraculously, he lands the jump.
- He rolls down the ramp on the other side of the gorge to supposed safety.
- In a low shot we see the pea that he had dropped down in front of him laying on the ground at the bottom of the ramp.
- Just as it seems he is in the clear, his wheel chair strikes the pea, which sends him off balance.
- The chair flips forward, sending Evil Stevil’s body violently to the ground.
- In controlled chaos, he topples and rolls across the sand until his battered body slides up into the stage between two models.
- A photographer leans in to snap a picture
- The models look down at Evil Stevil’s crumpled body and scream.
- Time passes and the next day the bleachers are empty, everyone’s gone, but Evil Stevil’s Body is still on stage.
- Death walks up to Evil Stevil and picks his soul up out of the body.
- Death is a biker looking kind of guy with a motorcycle.
- Through their dialogue and body language it is implied that Evil Stevil and Death know eachother.

Death: Are you satisfied? You finally did your stupid jump Steve.

ES: We’ll I made it right? It still counts doesn’t it?

Death: technically, I guess it –

Es: I made the jump didn’t I?

Death: yeah…yeah you did

ES: Alright, That’s all I wanted to hear. Let’s go.

(grabs death’s motorcycle keys)

ES: I’m DRIVING! (runs to motorcycle)

Death: Wha!?!—wait--…*sigh*…FINE.
Evil Stevil runs to the bike, jumps on…death plops down next to him in the side car. And the bike take’s off wildly into the air, up into the sky.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reference Material

Evel Knievel was THE dare devil in the 70's...he was HUGE...the thing we gotta remember about the design of this guy is that even though hes an old man now...he still has to have some of that rock star flair that he had in his prime...even though Evil Stevil is old, he still thinks he's the world famous dare devil he once was, which will cross over into the way he and pint..check out these pictures...

Evel Knievel THEN...

Evel Knievel NOW...
(notice the blue cowboy boots...haha)

This guy is OLD, but he still maintaines that "badass" vibe...

below are two pictures from the recent movie Hot Rod...for some costume ideas...pretty standard costume for a dare devil...we should have some fun with it..but the red white and blue, stars and stripes are a definate for a clear visual read...

Below are a couple pictures of Lance Murdoch, the dare devil character featured in The Simpsons

Just some stuff to get everyone thinking...I'm sure everyone's done research of their own. Definately excited to see everyones concept designs.

Story Premise

well here is the 1st story/premise by Frank.

A seemingly normal old man sits alone in his nursing home room struggling to eat peas. In a fit of frustration a sudden calm comes over him as he gazes up at his wall covered with photos and old newspaper clippings. We discover that in his prime he was a world famous dare devil. In an attempt to revive his fading glory, Evil Stevil decides to “jump again”. On the day of the stunt the feeble old man does the jump in a wheel chair rather than a motorcycle and miraculously makes it through the elaborate obstacles (go nuts with obstacles…crazy cool layouts) Once he lands it seems that he is in the clear until his wheel chair hits a pebble and his body is hurled from the chair. In the most elaborate fall ever he picks up flowers, champagne and a trophy along the way until he ends up on stage between two models. After a reporter leans in to snap a picture, he immediately collapses face first (dead) followed by the models shrieking in horror. In the final scene, Evil Stevil awakes in a daze and asks if he made the jump. It is revealed that he is in hell next to the devil, to which the devil replies, “Well…you did and you didn’t.”

Friday, September 14, 2007


seems like something we can reference it'd be shot