Thursday, September 27, 2007

Story Vrs.3

All of the red areas are the persons on pitch, the green areas are the ideas that bounced off from other team mates! You might have to enlarge some of them by clicking on them!

Please mind the spelling! Thanks!


Franker12 said...


kayla, youre the best

Haine Kim said...

great, Awesome organization skillzz!

Vivian Lai said...

ahhhh im so sorry i didnt make it to this meeting!

caught the cold and was feeling really crappy...sorryy

but u guys threw out some cool ideas!
keep it up :)

and thanks kayla for posting these notes up~ helped fill me in :)

Jack Yu said...

is there any changes to the premise and any of the setup, conflict, climax, resolution after DQ's meeting?