Thursday, January 31, 2008

Me Again :P

Here are the designs for the animals and monsters

I originally wanted to make them more complicated, and kinda like Evil Stevil

But who are we kidding that'd be hell to animate.

Any concerns or suggestions, feel free to comment.

See you all tomorrow :) These will be uploaded to the server too. If any of the managers has a tracking sheet they use online, can they send it to me? Apparently I have to track stuff too :P


Sound Room

We have it at our usual time guys.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Design Pack Templates

Hi guys, to make it easier, here are five jpgs for the design pack templates

They are labeled Effects, Misc, Character, Layout, and Props

I can make more for different categories, just drop me a line and let me know. It's easier this way, so all the templates are the same, and we don't get variations in font and it looks all nice

Just right click and save :)


HI all

just curios if you were able to get the new story reel worked out
if you did could you post a version for me to look at

things are looking great


Monday, January 28, 2008

Important Wednesday Meeting

Just a reminder to everyone that this wednesday's meeting after Tony's class is an important one for everyone to attend.
Regardless of whats going on, we're going to divy up the story board to begin work book. That also includes chosing your scene that you'll be animating for DQ.
Wednesday Jan 30 @ 4pm

Friday, January 25, 2008

Evil Stevil Jumps Again - FINAL Leica Reel

Here it is guys. Lets make this thing.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


some layouts i've been doing past few days.

i was thining we could include these for designpack.

Design pack template

Is now on the server, in the main folder, named ESJA template.

There are spaces to fill out your name, check off if it is rough or clean, and on the bottom right it says effects:

Depending on what you are doing, please change this to either characer, layout, prop, effect, or misc.

Any questions, feel free to contact me :)

If you don't want to scan and do it on photoshop, I can post a blank jpeg here for people to print off, and then tape and photocopy!



from now on we have meetings...

WEDNESDAY @ 4 (after Tony's Class)

FRIDAY @ 12 (an hour after Natalie's Class)

but this Friday we are going to meet at 11 so we can view the leica, then see DQ at 12 to talk more about it.

This is EVERY WEEK, not just this one so be prepaired to meet every Wed. and Fri.


Coming up Deadlines...
  • Week 4: Leica Reel
  • Week 4: Design Pack

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Regarding today's meeting.

Hello all,
todays meeting right after tony's class was fantastic and it seems we are in good shape for the weekend.

So to keep everyone feel organized, i'll post up whatever happened as of now and what would happen in the future.

Today Frank and Rory are working on leica reel.
This will be done by friday 11:00AM and we are going to look at it as a group.
We have DQ at 12:00 noon to discuss and show our finished leica reel.

For the design pack:
Rory is working on ES modelsheet

Frank is working on Death modelsheet

me, Jack and Nika (as I know of ) 'WILL' be working and did work on some on Location designs for Designpack.

I know that Tracy is working on prop designs.

I don't know about others but I will help out with Prop designs as well if things need to be done!

TRACY SIYEON and I are meeting up 12:00 pm on Sunday to work on cropping storyboard!

I posted this as a reference because it will be easy for us to track and refer to since we know whos working on what. Also helps other people who are working on designpack.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Meeting tomorrow?

Do we have a group meeting tomorrow? Sorry for my dumbness. >.<

Prop List

Sorry for the delay, I've not had access to a computer till now

miniature jump
can of peas

THE JUMP props

obstacle rings
shark/alligator tank
tunnel of toxic waste

I'm not sure if some of these should go into the list as props or not and if miscalenious objects around ES's shack should be handled as props or up to layout crew to design [trophies, postings on the wall, miscalenious funiture ets.]

feel free to add props to the list that you think need to be there

Saturday, January 19, 2008

List of Props

Just wondering if the list has been made yet so we can start working on it over the weekend + Monday?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

tomorrow meeting at 12!

hi guys,
tomorrow's meeting with DQ at 12, please show up.
Haine and I will be looking at layout with char stylization assignments and going over.
feel free to pitch in art work. i konw its a very late post, next time ill make sure to
post it in advance. also, i have written this assginemtn on our little date boards by matt's and
vivian's desk so if your not sure, check over there.

Sound recording

I received an email from Geoff Milne re: sound recording

Our slot is our usual fav, 10-12 on tuesday. See you there :)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Layout Exercise #2

Hello yall!
today I had some nice discussion with jack and vivian about our layout designs and styles.
we went over each others drawing and made comments on whether or not they fit the current character designs.

So in order to see if they go together, Jack and I thought we could do a rough layout with evil stevil character in it.

feel free to use your artistic abilities to change the current evil stevil design to fit your own layout style that collaborates the both.

and.. in tracking wise, we are thinking by Friday we can bring these in and discuss as a small group or in a group meeting if we r going to have one

So 1 drawing of layout + the character in it by friday 18th..

have a nice day folks!
(oh and again, if you like to do one also, please feel free to do them and your name will be tracked on that certain exercise.)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

DQ-New Meeting time


Nice to see you all back and being proactive

just wanted to confirm our meeting time is Fridays at 12noon

If you wanted to meet on tuesday after 4pm to go over stuff let me know


Friday, January 11, 2008

ATTENTION: Story Team, and ANIM, LAYOUT, BG & INK/PAINT Supervisors

Just a friendly reminder that we have a story meeting on Sunday starting around 4pm. We'll probably be working well into the night because Monday is our day off, so if possible plan to be there a while. I will bring copies of the script as well as my laptop. Please bring as many post-it notes as you can - I am running out and I forgot to buy more while the bookstore was open. (There is also the potential for a meeting on Monday afternoon or evening, but we can decide that while we are together.)

Hey guys, I was wondering about the possibility of having a small meeting with the supervisors of layout, BG, animation, and ink & paint (as well as anyone else who wants to be there) this coming week so that we might have a focused discussion about organization. Specifically how we are going to organize the production pipeline and network folder-system so that we can work together to effectively manage all of the artwork that is going to be produced. We need to have a coherent system that works for our group and our film so that things go as smoothly as possible once we start into production, and gives us what we need to go into post-production. I know the teachers, especially Tony, will have advice for us on this matter, but I have a gut feeling that we should be proactive on this and get started ourselves as soon as possible. Let me know what you guys think!

Well, that's it for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Thursday, January 10, 2008

ATTN: Layout People

------------THIS POST is to LAYOUT PEOPLE---------------------

hello everyone!

today was a great meeting, everyone showed up and we all had nice discussions about our film.

In order to get our design pack ready, Jack and I discussed what layout people can do in order to prepare.

I think we can do Style exploration + location designs such as:
1. The desert
2. ES shack(exterior)
3. Podium & stage area.

i didn't put ES shack interior because it is going to tie in with the storyboard crew.

Jack and I was thinking about 2 drawings per person, clean rough and color if u want.

I don't know who else volunteered to do layout other than jack, vivian, nabz and I...
if you would like to contribute, please feel free to do them !! :D
but if u were already assigned to Designpack crew.. don't forget to put that into priority first..!

lets have these drawings by tuesday meeting and present to fellow mates.

have a nice day !:D

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

meeting on THURSDAY!!!!

hello everyone,
I asked around people today in lifedrawing class and it seems like people are free on Thursdays.
So I thought it is important to notify everybody about the next meeting time.
MEETING is on THURSDAY 1:00PM and its most likely be about Finalizing our Story.

whatever gets discussed and decided on thursday would likely be set in STONE... :)

so. . please attend!


I just wanted to throw in some kind of content of meeting.

- everyone has to say their opinion regarding two different ideas. NO WHATEVER.. :)

2. then we can move on to 3 acts.
- take each act and lay out the events BEAT BY BEAT. (that way we can always use the BEAT SCRIPT later on too, if we get stuck doing layout or animation etc.)
- we also decide necessary dialogues

3. Finally, we finish the meeting with Finalized BEAT SCRIPT that someone can type up a good copy. :D


if i missed any important steps up there.. please feel free to add comments!:D

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to the Grind: IMPORTANT DATE!

hey guys. I've been speaking with Rory and we realised that our class has monday off. So we figured why not take advantage of that opportunity. So on Monday Jan 7. at 11am lets all meet in the studio for a full day of work on the film. I believe we could get a lot done and there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to dedicate this entire day to progress on the film.
to re-cap what happened over the break, we had some really good debates and the general consensus seems to be that death is now Evil Stevils adversary. Based on everyones input, this seems liek it will work a lot better without disturbing our existing story too much. I'm not sure how many people have moved forward from this..Rory and I have done some beat scripting individually, and ive done some thumb nail boards. Whatever the case, I think it's extremely important that we meet on monday.
Monday Jan 7 @ 11am

see you all there. enjoy the remainder of the break.

found this pic. and it made me think of Evil Stevil's shack. ha!

robbie maddison