Sunday, September 16, 2007

Story Premise

well here is the 1st story/premise by Frank.

A seemingly normal old man sits alone in his nursing home room struggling to eat peas. In a fit of frustration a sudden calm comes over him as he gazes up at his wall covered with photos and old newspaper clippings. We discover that in his prime he was a world famous dare devil. In an attempt to revive his fading glory, Evil Stevil decides to “jump again”. On the day of the stunt the feeble old man does the jump in a wheel chair rather than a motorcycle and miraculously makes it through the elaborate obstacles (go nuts with obstacles…crazy cool layouts) Once he lands it seems that he is in the clear until his wheel chair hits a pebble and his body is hurled from the chair. In the most elaborate fall ever he picks up flowers, champagne and a trophy along the way until he ends up on stage between two models. After a reporter leans in to snap a picture, he immediately collapses face first (dead) followed by the models shrieking in horror. In the final scene, Evil Stevil awakes in a daze and asks if he made the jump. It is revealed that he is in hell next to the devil, to which the devil replies, “Well…you did and you didn’t.”

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