Friday, September 21, 2007

Story - Second Draft

Evil Stevil Jumps Again – Second Draft

Plan B Production


- Unfinished business
- Wants to finish impossible jump
- Pride


- Old shack at the edge of a canyon/ gorge
- Desert


- Juxtaposition of old 70s style footage of Evil Stevil’s accomplishments and close ups of Evil Stevil in the present day eating his peas.
- Cut back and forth between the two as a narrator (sports caster) gives a quick description of Evil Stevil’s career.
- Most important points to hit would be the old rumor that Evil Stevil had bought his own canyon and was constructing the most incredible jump the world has ever seen. However, it was never perfected and he was unable to do it after he was forced into retirement from injuries cause by a surprisingly simple jump. Also, that Evil Stevil has cheated death many times. (an implication of the end.)
- It was assumed that he would never jump again.
- After juxtaposition montage, Evil Stevil sits alone in his small, single room, cluttered with old memorabilia, x-rays, and equipment.
- He sits and struggles to eat his peas.
- As he brings them up to his mouth, his hand gives out and the peas fall off the spoon.
- In a final fit of frustraition over his helplessness he knocks over the bowl of peas.
- They fly up and the bowl tumbles to the ground.
- One of the peas lands on his cane and rolls down it like a ramp until it shoots up off his foot.
- Evil Stevil watches in amazement as the pea zips across his field of view.
- A sudden calm and sense of determination come over him as he becomes inspired by the pea’s acrobatic jump.
- He gently adjusts the angle of his cane and sends another peas rolling down the make shift model ramp.
- It rolls down and and sails off his shoe once again, but this time because of the improved angle it lands gracefully in a near by trophy.
- With a sudden realization of what he must do, Evil Stevil makes his way to his closet and swings it open to reveal only a single piece of clothing inside. His stunt suit.
- After a cut we see the aged dare Devil in his stunt suit, standing with a new sense of purpose and pride.
- He hits a hidden button and one of the walls in his small room slide up like a garage door. It is revealed that the jump he had been constructing is right outside his shack.
- In an establishing shot, it is shown how comically close his little shack is to the edge of the canyon.
- In the final shot of the setup, Evil Stevil stands at the top of his ramp and dusts it off implying he hasn’t been out there in a long time.
- He stands with pride at the top, looking down the ramp at his fate.
- A series of spinning newspapers reveal that Evil Stevil will jump again and has come out of retirement to complete his legendary unfinished jump.
- Establishing shot of his shack and canyon , now with bleachers filled with a roaring audience
- Pan through the excitement (show death somewhere in the crowd) until we come to Evil Stevil who slumps into a wheel chair (which he will do the jump in)
- Just as he is about to go down the jump, he pulls a pea out of his pocket, kisses it and drops it down the ramp first as a sign of his planning and inspiration that led to this day.
- He shoots through unimaginable obstacles. (be as creative as possible…go nuts!)
- Until he reaches the top of the final drop
- Grad finale – flys down the ramp and sails across the gorge in a dramatic shot.
- Miraculously, he lands the jump.
- He rolls down the ramp on the other side of the gorge to supposed safety.
- In a low shot we see the pea that he had dropped down in front of him laying on the ground at the bottom of the ramp.
- Just as it seems he is in the clear, his wheel chair strikes the pea, which sends him off balance.
- The chair flips forward, sending Evil Stevil’s body violently to the ground.
- In controlled chaos, he topples and rolls across the sand until his battered body slides up into the stage between two models.
- A photographer leans in to snap a picture
- The models look down at Evil Stevil’s crumpled body and scream.
- Time passes and the next day the bleachers are empty, everyone’s gone, but Evil Stevil’s Body is still on stage.
- Death walks up to Evil Stevil and picks his soul up out of the body.
- Death is a biker looking kind of guy with a motorcycle.
- Through their dialogue and body language it is implied that Evil Stevil and Death know eachother.

Death: Are you satisfied? You finally did your stupid jump Steve.

ES: We’ll I made it right? It still counts doesn’t it?

Death: technically, I guess it –

Es: I made the jump didn’t I?

Death: yeah…yeah you did

ES: Alright, That’s all I wanted to hear. Let’s go.

(grabs death’s motorcycle keys)

ES: I’m DRIVING! (runs to motorcycle)

Death: Wha!?!—wait--…*sigh*…FINE.
Evil Stevil runs to the bike, jumps on…death plops down next to him in the side car. And the bike take’s off wildly into the air, up into the sky.


Haine Kim said...

great job :D

nabsmirza said...

yeah man awesome -- cant wait to get things rolling.