Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Supervisors & Group Resume

The group resume is due tommorow for Tony, so I wrote this up using the notes I took from our first meeting on strengths and weaknesses. I also think Tony is going to ask for our Design and Story Supervisors. Our original names dropped in the hat were...

Design: Nabeel
Story: Frank [assist. Tracy]

If anyone wants to put their name in lemme know! Also here is our group resume.... again if anyone wants to add something let me know quick! I will check this post one more time before I go to bed tonight around 11!!

Group Resume

As an enthusiastic team, we have decided as a whole to produce a successful and entertaining short animated film. Together we have discussed time management and have decided that we would rather be ambitious in the facet of animation, then in the time that has been allocated to us. We also agree that we must have a strong sense of story and character before moving forward with the production process.

Together we sat down and evaluated our own personal strengths and weaknesses. As a collective group we have come to the conclusion that our strengths lie in the field of animation. With a variety of character and effects animators, we believe that our diversity of talent will assist in the success of our film. We have also learned that, although we have a few very talented layout artists, collectively we are weak in this aspect of the pipeline. Recognizing our combined weakness, we all aspire to become better layout artists throughout the stages of our film.

We all look forward to working together and are excited to grow as artist and animators.

Statement of Intent

We aspire to work as a team of artistic individuals within a fun, positive and harmonious environment. Our goal is to produce a successful short animated film, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. We hope to reach a larger audience, entertaining both the young and old.

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Franker12 said...

nice..thanks for posting this

looks good to me

and i'm more than happy with story
i just keep getting more and more excited as this process goes on