Sunday, November 11, 2007

ES Shack Floor Plan

One of the things we spoke about during the saturday meeting was the floor plan for Evil Stevil's shack. I know there was some difficulty in staging the opening scene due to confusion of the room's layout. So we came up with a rough, basic floor plan of the room. everything is located in a specific spot so that the camera shots will work and everything that needs to be shown in each shot will work in relation to eachother. This will help us stroyboard the opening, as well as help guide layout designs. The only new thing we added were some attic style stairs. We dont ever need to show the attic. It helps explain where Evil Stevil goes when he is running around preparing for the jump and it will satisfy nit-picky people who will ask "where does he sleep?" or "where does he go to the bathroom?" we also established a line of action. Hopefully this will make things a little more clear and help us out when we storyboard this scene. Also, this is just a basic floor plan, clutter can be added in the layouts, as well as memorabilia plastered all over the walls.

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