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Alright, here it is. This version of the script should be used for our final boards. It's meant to be used as a reference, and as a reminder of key story elements that NEED to be expressed, so print it out and have it handy when you're all boarding. Ad in some character acting and poses for the dialogue, if there and extra shots that you feel should be added in, go ahead, as long as it doesn’t break the flow of the story. Similarly, if something isn’t working, it can be tweaked, but don’t change anything too drastically from what is in this script. Even though you may just be boarding section 3, read through the entire thing and familiarize yourself with the entire story so it can be discussed on monday's meeting.

PS. please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors. I know it looks really long, but a lot of it is overlapping actions and dialogue over action. Don't worry if it's looking too long, we'll handle that during the story reel stage.
if there is anything seriously that you feel is seriously wrong, feel free to email me or call me at 416 617 1781.

Section 1

- An establishing shot of the dessert and Evil Stevil’s shack are shown while a sports commentator talks about ES's career.
- During the narration, the shots follow the flow on the narrator’s details.
- Shots include, the desert, the TV in his shack, the memorabilia on his walls, and finally Evil Stevil working on his jump.
- Evil Stevil works on his model and testing it with pea’s while the biography is on the TV in the background. He reacts to what is said as it happens.

Commentator: Where are they now? Tonight on our program we’ll take a look back at the infamous Dare Devil extraordinaire, Evil Stevil. He captured the hearts of the public with his incredible stunts. This is a man who lived with death every single day of his career. (ES reacts: Bah! Death can’t do nothin!) When his success peaked and it seemed that even he couldn’t out do himself, a promise was made to his fans that the next jump he did would be the most spectacular the world has ever seen. Evil Stevil soon after disappeared into the desert to work on his legendary jump, and was never heard from again. What happened to our beloved hero? (ES replies: I’m right here dang it!) Now, decades later, his promise is still remembered as we wait. Is he out there still perfecting his jump? (ES replies: Don’t rush me!) Many Dare Devil’s have come in gone in his absence, (ES reacts: HA!) and although the public still hopes for Evil Stevil’s return, the spotlight is starting to be taken away by young up and coming Dare Devil, Crazy Cooter…(This is where Evil Stevil chokes)

- Evil Stevil chokes and flails around, crashing into his model jump which re-calibrates and rearranges all the pieces.
- As ES chokes, the door to his shack slowly swings open and the ominous silhouette of death stands in the doorway
- Death floats slowly and smoothly into the room until he is right behind ES.
- In a dramatic shot, death raises his scythe over ES as he chokes.
- Instead of killing ES like we lead on, Death instead uses the butt of his scythe to gently bump ES in the back, which acts as the Heimlich maneuver.
- The pea flies from ES’s throat and lands on the model where it begins to run through it.
- It takes a second for ES to compose himself and realize that the pea is sailing effortlessly through the model jump, and he begins to follow the pea’s progress with extreme focus.
- While ES composes himself, Death picks up the can of pea’s and says.

Death: You gotta stop eating these things! They’re gonna kill you!!

- Death throws the can of peas out the window of the shack.

Death: I deal with people dying all day at work Steve. I don’t wanna deal with it when I come home too.

- Death, now revealed as being friendly with ES, begins to talk as he magically Poofs himself into casual clothes, and makes his way to the couch to sit in front of the TV.

Death: Ohhhh…So this is why you got all choked up eh? You were watching your biography on TV again?!? Steve you know how you get over excited when they mention Crazy Cooter! Well I’m changing the channel. My soaps are on!

- Meanwhile, ES, who wasn’t listening at all, is still following the pea fly through his model.
- The pea safely and gently finishes the model, and rolls to a stop in front of him on the table.
- ES’s jaw drops open.

ES: Shut Up BONEY! Didn’t you see what just happened?!? IT WORKS! By golly, the dang jump finally works!!

- Evil Stevil realizes that it’s finally time to do his legendary jump.
- As He run’s around the room in a scramble, getting ready to do his jump, Death peeks over the back of the couch.

Death: What? Are you serious? It’s done?

- Death steps towards the model and begins to examine it.
- Death, who had just become accustomed to lazing around the house with Evil Stevil, never really took the time to carefully look at what Evil Stevil had been working on.
- Death pokes at the jump with a skeptical/ concerned look and begins to try to talk Evil Stevil out of it.
- Meanwhile, Evil Stevil ignores everything Death says, and continues getting himself ready for the big jump.
- He is seen running around off and on camera in the BG.
- Crashes are heard of camera as ES rummages around.

Death: So this is it? You’re actually gonna attempt to do this thing?

ES: Death! Where are my good JUMPIN’ pants!??!

Death: It doesn’t look very safe. Why don’t you work on it a little longer before you do anything crazy.

ES: The pants! Where are the pants??!?

Death: I don’t know, Next to your lucky colostomy bag…Seriously Steve, I don’t think this is safe. You could get seriously hurt…or worse...and then what would I do? Where would I go?! I’d be a widow…sort of.

ES: Son of a gun! I can’t find my jumpin’ pants dang it!!!

Death: STEVE! They’re the only pants you own!! But I don’t know…this whole jump thing is just so sudden. Why don’t we sleep on it?

ES: Shut up you sack of bones! I’m making an important phone call!

- Evil Stevil picks up and old style phone and without even dialing says:

ES: Hello? Mr. President. It’s Evil Stevil, Sir. Notify the country! I’m gonna JUMP AGAIN!

Section 2

- Title card
- An establishing shot of the event is shown and we see the spectacular jump by a massive gorge with bleachers full of people all anxiously waiting.
- Death is With Evil Stevil who is at the Top of the jump getting ready to go.
- Death is still in his casual clothes, with a giant black foam finger.
- Death is still trying to talk Evil Stevil out of doing the jump.
- While Evil Stevil prepares himself in his wheel chair (strapping his peg leg in etc.), Death is kicking at the shoddy workmanship of the jump, and picking up loose boards.
- It is implied that the jump was erected in a very short period of time with minimal money.

Death: Steve. Please. Don’t go through with this. Let’s just go home.

ES: Shut your yapper and let me make sure I'm ready! Peg-leg wheel: check. Jet Boosters: check. Automatic traction control: check. Colostomy bag: check...

Death: Parachute?

ES: Parachute?!?! you nancy boy with yer "safety" and "precautions". Take it and shove it.

Death: Even if you survive all of those death traps, the chances of you clearing that gorge are next to none.

ES: Bah! You worry too much, you dandy!

Death: But look at this thing. (Kicks at the jump and picks up a piece that has broken off.) It looks like it was built in a day!

ES: It was! I got a good deal on it too! Now, Step aside Stretch, and watch Evil Stevil do what he was born to do!

Death: *sigh* fine

- Death Poofs away and disappears in a cloud of smoke.
- ES wheels to the edge of the ramp and looks down at the huge decline.
- Cut to the audience who sits in bleachers.
- Death poofs into the audience, right between two fat audience members (refer to audience designs) and sits down between them, squished and uncomfortable.
- Cut back to a long shot of ES on the ramp. In the final moments before the jump begins an announcer’s voice booms over the speakers:


- Evil Stevil wheels off the edge of the jump and zips through the initial collection of random stunts.
- These stunts could include any elements that were designed into the jump.
- Ring of fire.
- Ring of rattle snakes.
- Various loops of the track
- Ring of TNT
- A guillotine
- A giant swinging axe.
- Crashing through a brick wall.
- A Fecal cannon (a cannon that shoots poo)
- Poisonous darts (Indiana Jones style)
- Over a tank of sharks.
- (The obstacles are a good opportunity for humour and gags, so be as extreme as you can. Take advantage of this opportunity. You can create new ones, or use some from this list. Brain storm. Don’t worry about doing too many because we can trim some off if the film is running too long.)
- The announcer narrates over the events of the jump as they happen.
- As Evil Stevil goes through each stunt, he laughs and loves every moment of it.
- He gets some sort of twisted pleasure out of putting his life on the line, and enjoys every moment of doing his long awaited jump.
- After every few stunts there is a cut back to Death in the audience to show his reaction. To build tension. Increase the amount of cuts back and forth between ES’s stunts and Death’s reaction.
- The camera gets closer to death every time he reacts
- As each stunt becomes increasingly dangerous/ ridiculous, Death’s reactions become more and more troubled.
- Specifically after the ring of snakes Death will gasp and say:

Death: Rattle snakes?!!?!...he never told me about the rattle snakes!!! He’s gonna get seriously hurt!

- Finally ES near the final section of his stunt, the final jump over the massive gorge.
- A long shot establishes the immense size of the jump in comparison to everything else.
- The landing ramp sits on the other side of the gorge over his shack.
- The Jet boosters on ES’s wheel chair blast on, as he shoots up the final ramp.
- Just as ES reaches the end of the ramp there is a cut to an extreme close up of his face rattling and shaking.
- The camera zooms out so see that he is actually not moving anywhere.
- His parachute deployed early and snagged the very edge of the final ramp.
- The jet boosters are still on and the force of them pull the cables of the parachute tight.
- ES desperately tries to free the parachute my tugging on the cables, but nothing happens. He’s stuck.
- The announcer continues to speak over this shocking turn of events.
- While the announcer describes the turn of events. Evil Stevil has his first look of doubt and defeat over the jump.
- Cut to Death in the audience who is watching Evil Stevil fail, and can’t help but want to help him complete the jump, despite his earlier attempts to stop it.

Announcer: Oh my lord, it seems that Evil Stevil’s parachute has deployed early and he is now caught on the edge of his final jump over Gorge Canyon. It seems that he’ll be okay folks, but at this point, it does not look like he’ll complete this jump. Years of meticulous planning down the drain. This will be Evil Stevil’s first taste of failure...and on his legendary jump too. What a shame. This truly is a black day for Dare Devilry.

- Death goes against the fact that he didn’t want ES to do the jump and poofs himself out of the audience.
- Death poofs and appears at the edge of the ramp where ES is stuck.
- The two lock eyes.
- And in one last moment of hesitation, Death pauses, but then uses his scythe to cut the parachute cables.
- ES is broken free and ES bursts off over the gorge.
- Death looks up at his friend. He is sad that he may loose his friend, but satisfied in that he was able to help ES finish the jump.
- in a glorious shot, ES flies across the skyline in a moment of silence
- the announcer again speaks over the action as it happens and becomes emotional and in a very melodramatic speech says:

Announcer: I don’t know what just happened but Evil Stevil has broken free and is sailing up, off into the skies. Ladies and Gentlemen, in all my years of commentating, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so beautiful. Evil Stevil is nearing the landing ramp…It looks like he’s going to make it...He’s touched down and is coming down the ramp to the finish…YES! He’s made it! Evil Stevil has----OHHH!

- The announcer is interrupted and stops as Evil Stevil’s wheel chair slams into the can a peas at the bottom of the ramp (the same that Death threw out the window at the beginning)
- The chair flips forward, sending Evil Stevil’s body violently to the ground.
- In controlled chaos, he topples and rolls across the sand until his battered body slides up onto the stage between two models. (the stage can just be a wooden platform)
- He stands between them, very still momentarily, and then collapses face first onto the stage.
- The models look down at him and take a moment to realize that he’s dead and then scream in horror.

Section 3

- Just as the models scream, Death poofs onto the stage (the stage can just be a wooden platform) next to the body and snaps his fingers.
- The models freeze in the middle of their screams and time stops.
- Death looks down at ES’s crumpled body and gives it a firm nudge with the butt of his scythe.
- Evil Stevil’s soul slowly gets up out of his broken body.
- He brushes himself off.
- He looks down at his dead body and slowly begins to process what’s happening
- Both Death and ES stare at his body in a moment of silence between the two.
- Death finally breaks the silence and says:

Death: I TOLD you to not do the damn jump.

ES: yeah well…I made the jump right? It still counts doesn’t it?!?

Death: yeah, you did, bu--- (interrupted by Steve)

ES: haha! That’s all I need to hear, Boney!

Death: Well…this is exactly what I didn’t want to happen, but I have to admit Steve, That was pretty amazing.

ES: Damn right it was!(pauses and realizes that Death helped him to finish it)…Don’t get all soft on me now, but you know…You did save my ass back there….So Thank you…you’re alright in my books Skinny.

- Death and ES shake hands.
- Death smiles, pleased that he broke though to a more emotional side of ES
- Even when ES is being nice, he’s still rough, and as he shakes Death hand so hard that he rips death’s skeletal arm out of the socket.
- He holds deaths arm up and looks at it then hands it back to Death who just holds onto it with his other hand.

ES: Now, how the hell do I get outta here?

Death: Just walk towards the light.

- Spotlight flickers on next to them.
- Evil Stevil looks at the light then back at Death.

ES: What are you gonna do now?

Death: I’ll find somewhere to go. Why? You gonna miss me?

ES: BAH! I told ya not to get soft on me.

- ES returns to his true nature and waves death off, upset that he’s giving into the sentimentality of the situation
- ES hovers to the light which sucks him up until he disappears.
- Death waves goodbye by swinging the arm ES broke off in his still functional arm.
- Cut to a knew scene where Death is laying comfortably on a couch. Crazy Cooter is staring at him frozen with fear and confusion.

Death: Oh hey, sorry…uh, Crazy Cooter right? I hear you’re working on a jump that’ll beat Evil Stevil’s? . Don't mind me. I tend to have trouble keeping close friends, what with them dying and all. But who knows. I have a good feeling about you. Go ahead and work on your jump thingy. I’ll just be watching my soaps. Take your time...Trust me



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