Saturday, November 24, 2007

Inspiration - "Dealing with Death"

hey guys. I found this incredible animated short film that is somewhat related to our story.
Check it out. It's definitely a good one to draw some inspiration from.


Vivian Lai said...

haha i really enjoyed watching this :P

kinda liked the style too!
great find frank~

Hodges! said...

such a good short.
not sure if it matter but i just wanted to comment on your leica screening. Awesome work, I really dont think the entire parachute sequence is neccessary at all, i dont know how settled you all are on it, The gag with death being the cause is crystal clear when he throws the peas out, saying these will be the death of you. adding the parachute sort of ruined the action to me, if you want to have a nervous "somethings gone wrong" idea in the jump, potentially he could lose a wheel, maybe his leg-wheel, then aviod the whole death intervention in mid jump, this could also shave some time off your film, which seems a bit impossibly long. The only other thing, is that i really miss the "worried wife" take of death, and how heartbroken he was at the end and how stevil didnt notice, it was much more hilarious to me that when then now, which seems to nice to everybody, there still friends, and deaths reaction to stevils death is weak compared to how much you built up that hes really worried about losing his friend. the crazy cooter ending still doesnt feel right but the idea is solid.
Sorry this is a long comment in a strange spot and im not sure if it means much, Im just very excited about your film and wanted to share what I feel could strengthen it, while making it more possible to fully complete.