Thursday, January 10, 2008

ATTN: Layout People

------------THIS POST is to LAYOUT PEOPLE---------------------

hello everyone!

today was a great meeting, everyone showed up and we all had nice discussions about our film.

In order to get our design pack ready, Jack and I discussed what layout people can do in order to prepare.

I think we can do Style exploration + location designs such as:
1. The desert
2. ES shack(exterior)
3. Podium & stage area.

i didn't put ES shack interior because it is going to tie in with the storyboard crew.

Jack and I was thinking about 2 drawings per person, clean rough and color if u want.

I don't know who else volunteered to do layout other than jack, vivian, nabz and I...
if you would like to contribute, please feel free to do them !! :D
but if u were already assigned to Designpack crew.. don't forget to put that into priority first..!

lets have these drawings by tuesday meeting and present to fellow mates.

have a nice day !:D

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Jack Yu said...

thanks haine.
since we are on a tight schedule, haine and i will be following up on this and making track sheets for this assignment for ppl who have volunteered: nabz, jack, haine, and vvn for this assignment. if others do chip in, we'll also keep track. the good/bad thing about this is that not every1 has to do, except for the 4 ppl that i just mentioned. if in a meeting some1 volunteers to do an assigned work, then that person will be responsible for it and thus be acounted accordingly on the track sheet. i hope this is clear.

i feel that its time to make sure every1 puts effort into this if we want our film to be successful.