Tuesday, January 8, 2008

meeting on THURSDAY!!!!

hello everyone,
I asked around people today in lifedrawing class and it seems like people are free on Thursdays.
So I thought it is important to notify everybody about the next meeting time.
MEETING is on THURSDAY 1:00PM and its most likely be about Finalizing our Story.

whatever gets discussed and decided on thursday would likely be set in STONE... :)

so. . please attend!


I just wanted to throw in some kind of content of meeting.

- everyone has to say their opinion regarding two different ideas. NO WHATEVER.. :)

2. then we can move on to 3 acts.
- take each act and lay out the events BEAT BY BEAT. (that way we can always use the BEAT SCRIPT later on too, if we get stuck doing layout or animation etc.)
- we also decide necessary dialogues

3. Finally, we finish the meeting with Finalized BEAT SCRIPT that someone can type up a good copy. :D


if i missed any important steps up there.. please feel free to add comments!:D

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Since Haine is too nice to say it, then I will, if you miss the meeting thursday, any whining about decisions made will have you tarred, and possibly feathered XD

(Watch I miss the meeting, come back, and evil stevil is now a two part soap opera :P)