Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Regarding today's meeting.

Hello all,
todays meeting right after tony's class was fantastic and it seems we are in good shape for the weekend.

So to keep everyone feel organized, i'll post up whatever happened as of now and what would happen in the future.

Today Frank and Rory are working on leica reel.
This will be done by friday 11:00AM and we are going to look at it as a group.
We have DQ at 12:00 noon to discuss and show our finished leica reel.

For the design pack:
Rory is working on ES modelsheet

Frank is working on Death modelsheet

me, Jack and Nika (as I know of ) 'WILL' be working and did work on some on Location designs for Designpack.

I know that Tracy is working on prop designs.

I don't know about others but I will help out with Prop designs as well if things need to be done!

TRACY SIYEON and I are meeting up 12:00 pm on Sunday to work on cropping storyboard!

I posted this as a reference because it will be easy for us to track and refer to since we know whos working on what. Also helps other people who are working on designpack.

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