Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to the Grind: IMPORTANT DATE!

hey guys. I've been speaking with Rory and we realised that our class has monday off. So we figured why not take advantage of that opportunity. So on Monday Jan 7. at 11am lets all meet in the studio for a full day of work on the film. I believe we could get a lot done and there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to dedicate this entire day to progress on the film.
to re-cap what happened over the break, we had some really good debates and the general consensus seems to be that death is now Evil Stevils adversary. Based on everyones input, this seems liek it will work a lot better without disturbing our existing story too much. I'm not sure how many people have moved forward from this..Rory and I have done some beat scripting individually, and ive done some thumb nail boards. Whatever the case, I think it's extremely important that we meet on monday.
Monday Jan 7 @ 11am

see you all there. enjoy the remainder of the break.

found this pic. and it made me think of Evil Stevil's shack. ha!


Tracy said...

at first i read it as 7 am monday morning, and was about to say something...not safe for blog lol.

see you guys at 11 then

Kayla McIlwaine said...

i might be a little late, but I;; bne there!

Jack Yu said...

i cannot be there on monday coz i had prior arrangements to take my grandmother to hospital for eye checkup. however i might be able to make it later that afternoon/night.

Jason Park said...

I'll be there. See you then!

nabsmirza said...

hey guys, wont be able to make it till later that evening, possibly before lifedrawing - made prior arrangements.

Vivian Lai said...

i also made plans that day...might not be able to make it D:

i`ll see if i`ll be able to drop by later in the evening tho.

Matthew Lau said...

same here, i mite be able to show up later on