Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Layout Exercise #2

Hello yall!
today I had some nice discussion with jack and vivian about our layout designs and styles.
we went over each others drawing and made comments on whether or not they fit the current character designs.

So in order to see if they go together, Jack and I thought we could do a rough layout with evil stevil character in it.

feel free to use your artistic abilities to change the current evil stevil design to fit your own layout style that collaborates the both.

and.. in tracking wise, we are thinking by Friday we can bring these in and discuss as a small group or in a group meeting if we r going to have one

So 1 drawing of layout + the character in it by friday 18th..

have a nice day folks!
(oh and again, if you like to do one also, please feel free to do them and your name will be tracked on that certain exercise.)

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Hey, does anyone have a scanned version of the tracking sheet, or an online one they use? I find I track much better over the computer :D

Also I'll try my best to do some of this.