Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cleaning Up and Painting

Hi everyone,

Hope you're having a good reading week so far!

What I want to talk about is that we need to at least start thinking about cleaning up and painting. Like How thin/thick outlines should be, what should be used for cleaning up (for consistency), what tool should be used for painting our animation, etc.

I was hoping we could have a discussion about this in our next group meeting.



Rory Madge said...

Good thinking Jason, we should definitely discuss this next week! As clean up is part of the animation dept. which Igor and I are supervising there will be some wiggle room when it comes to people dividing their time between rough and clean. And during reading week and week 8 I would stress the importance of working on rough animation and not getting ahead of ourselves before the meeting Jason is suggesting where we can decide on how we want to clean up. Also for the most part the rough animation should be checked and tracked before it is taken to clean up. Thanks.

Veronika Aleksyeyeva said...

Working on rought layouts i think we should also discuss the light direction at this stage, so that the continuity is the same

Jack Yu said...

great thinking guys, i was juss thinking about this cleaning up process the other day as well...if all of us do it in the same manner, then the final outcome should look similiar (hopefully!!)
there is a guide on the server about cleaning up...i have read over it awhile back in 3rd yr...maybe the cleanup heads can take a look and offer a general solution to us all.
if you guys are unable to find that file, i can post it up here on the blog.
as for lighting, since we're not colouring them yet, so it can wait, just a bit.

Rory Madge said...

I think we should have a group discussion about clean up next week (that is Wed. Week 8) and then someone can put together a basic clean up guide for us in time for our next meeting (Wed. Week 9) which is when the rough animation period will be ending and clean up can begin. So we still have a bit of time before a final clean up process is needed.