Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DQ- about being on Model

you all are ruff animating a scene of the evil or death, next week is the final week of RUFF animating the scene
if you all used a ruff working model of evil or death it should be close
in fact it has been my experience that even if you all had a final model , your Models would still look different
but you will all have an idea of what works and what does not based on what you have been doing in your animation class
It is best to put together a final model based on what you all have contributed from the animation you are doing
we can meet as a group and discuss what you feel looks good and works then you can get someone to finalize the model for all of you to finalize your animation
then when you do the clean up of the scene you can put the character design on model

NO characters are ever on model at the beginning of a production, especially when the character is new and you have to discover them...

Do not worry if you have started other scenes, you are only in the ruffing stage and once you have gone thru the pose test and ruff animation , you should have a model to work from

I also want to go over the model with who ever designs it or even the other characters and
who ever creates the final models should also give a chalk talk to the group on how to keep it on model



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Rory Madge said...

Hey DQ and group, I had been working on model sheets for Evil Stevil, but waiting for everyone to ruff animate a scene with the ruff model is a good idea so that we know what works and what doesn't before all the effort goes into finalizing the model. If people want me too I'm still willing to finish the model work and do a "chalk talk" as DQ has suggested, but I'll push that off until we can have a post ruff-animation meeting.

P.S. - the premiere file of the leica should be up and running on the server in the next day or so.