Friday, February 1, 2008

DQ- by the way


by the way could someone post the latest story reel so I can entertain myself during the snow storm?

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Frank Macchia said...

hey DQ,
just to give you an idea of whats goin on, we made some of the changes you suggested to the leica reel and story board. The most significant being the change in the cutting of the beginning of the first act (the cutting between death watch tv and ES working on the model/ choking) and the beginning of the second act (establishing the jump). We were able to shave off enough time, and the film seems to be a lot more streamline without any awkward pauses in the progression of the plot. We'll post the new version at some point this weekend for you to take a look at. Sorry to keep waiting, the leica had to take the back burner for some of the other things we needed to get done this week.

During our Wednesday meeting everyone chose the scene that they will be animating for your class. we also divided the scenes to begin work book. As you can see on the blog, the Design pack's been commin together this week as well.

So that's pretty much where we're at right now.
have a good one and we'll catch you next week.