Wednesday, February 27, 2008

workbook and rough layouts dates!

Hi all, hope every1 is having a great reading week.
a reminder, Haine and I have still not recieved all the workbook in the server. I know most of you have done it, but for others please have it on the server by coming monday(march03).
We will do tracking as of monday.
workbook not on the server are: Frank, Rory, Igor, Matt. (maybe im missing a few,
but if its you, then do it!)

you need to scan them and put them on server, if your not going to be at school before monday and thus cannot get to a school server,then please upload it on the blog and we'll check you off accordingly. Haine and I will start reviewing the workbook as of monday.

Also, Rough layouts for all your scenes are due, please include rough animation pose(s) as well. The due date for rough layout will be track on march 05 during our meeting. if you don't show up, well, you don't get tracked then.

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Rory Madge said...

Hey Jack and Haine, all of my workbooks are on the server (as of a day or two ago) except the one for SEQ.1 SC.41. This is my scene to layout and animate so no one will be waiting on it. I am at home for the rest of the week so I won't be able to put it on the server and I don't have a scanner so I won't be able to post it on the blog. I'm sorry to inconvenience you guys, but could you wait until Tuesday for that one workbook.