Friday, March 14, 2008

clean up

hi guys, just want to bring up couple of questions for cleaning up.

1. use pencil, mechanical pencil (HB or 2B) or pen?
which one should we use, i know some of us have started cleaning up already, but we should
try to use same type of tool to clean up to give the same overall final finishing, regardless of
thick outline or not.
2. cleanup of all your animation is due next wednesday, so please if people could push towards
that deadline. if you keep pushing the deadlines back, that means ur cutting into ink/paint or compositing...
3. how are we gonna scan them? we really need to think about them, so once again, the overall
visual image will look similar throughout. please jason think and bring something to the table on
our next meeting which is wednesday.
4. did i miss anything?

1 comment:

Frank Macchia said...

good call jack...we def need to go over the clean up process this wednesday