Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Rough animation needs to be in the leica reel by 7am Friday morning, for my brother, Ryan, to begin music!

Keeping this in mind, there are some technical issues that people need to be aware of…

Beginning sq.1 sc. 25
Sq.1 sc. 37 too short
Talk to Matt about the hook-up with the TV (Death’s TV vs. ES’s)

· Pea scenes, watch length on all of them

· Scene 11 takes up some of scene 10 (talk to Jack, make sure this works with his scene)
· Sc.5 too short
· On your first Death scene, when Death says “Defying!!” this is when his arm should come out for the first time.
· Talk to Haine about the hook-up with the TV (Death’s TV vs. ES’s)
· Death dialogue scene too short

Sq.2 sc.1 just a fraction too short (maybe just 1 frame!)
Sq.2 sc. 14 too long (watch timing)
We might need to shorten the chandelier scene, check the leica for the new timing
I readjusted your ending on the Viagra scene, it’s all good, but ES needs to appear sooner so he reads better
Watch hookup with sq.3 sc.10 & 11 (Veronika’s scene) talk to each other!
Watch hook-up with sq.3 sc. 9 (Kayla’s scene) to 10, talk to Kayla

· Talk to Matt about his scene 10 (it takes up some of your scene 11 time)
· Talk to Tracy about hook-up sq.3 sc5 to 6 (Tracy’s scene). Your scene is taking up some of Tracy’s time.

Talk to Jack about hook-up sq.3 sc5 (Jack’s scene) to 6. His scene is taking up some of your time.
Scythe scene too short
Look to Igor’s “death monolog” scene (sq. 1), gestures should be visually similar

Sq.1 sc.36 too short, watch your timing
Sq.2 sc.34 way too short, watch your timing
Because Jack’s sq.1 sc. 35 shoots out of frame, maybe apply this to the very beginning of your sc. 36 (like he shoots into yours or has the after effects, squash and stretch)

Sq.2 sc. 26 too short

Pan, make it longer

S3. Sc. 11 too short
Watch hookup with sq.3 sc.10 (Siyeun’s scene) & 11 talk to each other

Sq.1. sc. 9 too short
Watch the hook-up between sq.1 sc. 15 to 16 (arm)

KAYLA – all scenes in
HAINE – all scenes in
JASON – all scenes in
VERONIKA – all scenes in
JACK – all scenes in
NABEEL – missing 1 scene (DQ scene)
TRACY – missing 1 scene (ES falling)
VIVIAN – missing 3 scenes
SIYEUN – missing 1 scene (chandelier)
MATT – missing 3 scenes
IGOR – missing 3 scenes
RORY – missing all scenes
FRANK - missing all scenes


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