Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just a reminder (and a little more)

I'm sure Kayla will post what we discussed today at the meeting, but a few quick things.

Clean ups are due next week, on the 28th. Please put them in the reel


THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE FINAL DEADLINE. We need several days to put the entire thing together, so we (the group) really need to be strict about this.

LASTLY (this is really important)

I cannot stress this enough. If you find you are falling behind, or having trouble with a scene/layout/cleanup, please do not HESITATE to let the group know, or ask for help. No one should be embarrassed about this, as we all work at different paces and I know everyone is giving it their all, so it's not like we've been slacking off or anything. That way we can catch it before it gets too late, and get our stuff in on time. :)

And a little boost for morale:

I don't know about you guys, but considering our circumstances I'm really impressed we've gotten this much done. It's really coming together, and while it's got its imperfections, it's getting along for a (rather ambitious) student film :)

So far, we haven't lost any group members, no one's MIA, and no fights have broken out yet ;) We've been pretty communicative as a group, and hearing what some of the other groups are going through, I for one am pretty glad to be a part of this one.

I know we're all really tired. I know we're all stressed. This whole business of finding a co op placement, along with such a short time for post production, hits you really hard. Half of us are sick with either the flu, or some strand of mutated animation cold, and the other half either just recovered, or will be getting it soon (knock on wood). We're here late, we're here early, our families think we've been kidnapped and killed (if only), and then you look back on your animation and think: "GodDAMNIT. This looks TERRIBLE"

Don't get discouraged guys. I know it's so freaking hard right now to not just give up, and have a half assed film in the end. I know it can be really frustrating, and we're all making our fair share of mistakes, but this whole year is really trial and error. I think more then having this film in the end, we have the experience of making a film, and whether you loved it, or hated it, the experience is better then not having done it at all.

We are SO close to finishing this year, and we've got a good chance of finishing the film as well. Juggling great animation and meeting deadlines is hard, but imagine how rewarding it would be to be one of the groups that actually finishes. We will have earned all the bitching we'll do the second we hand it in (not that it will stop us) and then go lord it in everyone elses faces (kidding)! I look at our reel, and while I can see rough spots, I can see the effort everyone's put in, and I know that in doing this, we've all improved, and yeah go ahead and deny it, but years back you'll look back on this and agree, that it's been a great learning experience.

Anyways, have a great easter weekend, and get some rest in. We're all working our butts off, and with having to juggle a film, classwork, and finding a placement, I hope everyone makes the best of their Friday off!

<3<3<3 Tracy :D

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