Friday, March 21, 2008


hi guys, i will have something for colouring bg by the next meeting on wednesday,
as for now, if you are ready to colour,

1)please colour your animation following Frank's colour guide for Evil Stevil
2)FRANK, can you put up a colour guide for death as well, if its in previous post, would u mind
reposting again, thanks!
3)Kayla, since your the only one having to do crowd characters, please use my colourkeys
to colour the crowds. if u have questions lemme know, ill be @ skoo on monday and tomorrow(sat).
4) there might be some colouring affect(lighting) that i want to try, so please do not combine
bg layer with character layer yet. Just colour your animation for now is enough and don't even
output them into avi YET.
5) for ppl colouring the dead stevil(sq3), could u wait again until thursday, having said that, please go ahead and colour death if you wish. again, im also looking into a glowing effect for stevil.

keep you guys posted.

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Tracy said...

for the models i have, what colours should i use?