Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Death's character

During the final leica viewing, alot of people loved or film and there were alot of good reactions and like any film bad reactions. Some of the less successful were... (not to be nevative nancy, but these are stuff we can consider taking out...)
  • Parachute
  • Chandalere (I was suprised, but no one liked it)
  • speed of the actual jump (way too slow)
  • too much dependence on dialogue
  • TV (where annoncer is talking, liked announcer, but didn't get where it was coming from)

I sat down with Emslie (who came to the screening) and we talked about the two options of death's character. He seemed to really like the new and revised death, mainly because that blasted parachute could be cut). He also felt that because death ultimately wants ES to die that when he does, both character essentally win; Death kills ES and ES finishes his jump.

I think if we go the route of Death wanting ES to die but it too wimpy to actually get the job done, then we'll have to really think hard about how to describe ES and Death's relationship. We need to, in simple terms, tell the audience that death, altho death, is not as strong as folk tales make him out to be, this meening, he can't just touch ES and kill him.

so finally my vote: I vote to work with the new idea of DEATH WANTING ES TO DIE.

STORY IDEAS....(if we go new route of Death)

  • Completely take out Parachute. (YAY!!)
  • no more chandalier :(
  • when ES is doing jump, I was told that the announcer sounds like he already knows what is going to happen, Instead we should make the announcer moreunaware of what comes next, make his lines more too the point and quicker, this will speed up the jump. We need to make the jump more climaxtic, not through obsticles (we've already done this) but through pace.
  • Death changes to casual clothes, but instead of him walking to the TV he can mention he's going to watch his soups and ES then immediately interups him with the success of the mock jump and the pea.
  • If Death's character changes, do we really need the part when he talks to himself about "where will I go, Ill be a widow". This doesn't work with his new character. we can still show his finger being cut off, and instead, yes is scares him, but then it sparks the whole fact that he's finally gonna get ES. He can maybe point out parts he might kill ES "Oh I'll totally get him there, yes, hehehe!" This might help the audience understand their relationship . When ES interrups him with the phone call we can splice a bit of dialogue off of this bit.
  • we can rethink the dialogue at the end, make it a bit more to the point to drill the fact that ultimately they both won, but maybe ES won a bit more, seeing he doesn't care, can I maybe see the script at this part?

That's all I can really think of right now...


Tracy said...

Yes take out the parachute.

Also, I don't think the sweatsuit OR soap operas OR widowmaking is necessary with new EVIL!death

Another yay? :)

Tracy said...

I also really like the idea of reworking the dialogue at the end a bit, so that while it's still shits and giggles, for a brief moment Death understands that ES doesn't give a damn about him, or dying. And then ES makes some wisecrack and the moment is past, but there nonetheless

Secondly, reread the post, interesting point about the jump. I agree that the announcer should sound a bit more surprised with the gags, keep in mind that some of teh gags count on the announcer introducing them though, so it might go on a case by case basis

Also, aww no one laughed at chandelier :( I thought it was hilarious