Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the not-so-monday meeting

guys, as im sure everyone has noted, the meeting didn't happen. Between 13 people 3 of us, including myself, showed up. I understand that everyone has things to do or are too far away, and that's fine but if this is the case you should have let everyone else know like some did.

I personally went into school at 8 in the morning, because that was the only time I could get in, and had to stay until 7 at night. So I basically wasted my entire day for something that was planned and yet still people didn't show up to.

I'm not trying to rant guys, but I thought the dedication to this group project was one of the best and Im starting to have my doubts. IF we are going to reschedual, I must have a promise from you guys that you'll actually show up, cause Im not wasting another one of my days for nothing.

Do we want to reschedual?


Rory Madge said...

For my part, I am going home as of today, and I will not be back until next term starts up. I could potentially come back a few days early if we really wanted to have a meeting on that last weekend (Jan. 5th/6th) to get the ball rolling before school starts up again. But as this would cut my break short, like Kayla I'd be wanting a guarantee that it would happen and be meaningful and productive.

Kayla McIlwaine said...

Im in Oakville this whole time, so other than weekends Im good.

Jason Park said...

If we can schedule a meeting at least a few days ahead, it will be much easier for me to make it to the meeting since I'm at home right now. :)

Tracy said...

Unfortunately, it'd be an epic for me to get back to Oakville, for various reasons, unless I were to stay for a few days. I will be back a few days before school starts hopefully, but until then I will continue to contribute to the blog.

Is it weird that I can hear all your voices in my head as I'm reading this?