Monday, December 31, 2007

New year, new stevil?

Apologies in advance for typos, got a new laptop and these newfangled keyboards are throwing me off.

First of all, hope everyone had a good Christmas, and relaxed a bit, and have a good New Year too!

I can see we haven't gotten many more responses on the Evil Stevil story and I'm equally as responsible, but it's the holidays and they're for taking a break really.

Having thought on this a bit more, I cast my vote for the new death (ie evil death) simply because I think the story will run smoother. I wish I could write more about this but I'm skiing on new years so I gotta keep it short.

Whether or not we decide to change him, I don't think it's a good idea to do a complete upheaval of the story, as stated in my previous post. A simple change of death's character should be more then enough to decide which way to go, along with other small adjustments.

I also think a script is really necessary, a good point from Rory was that it cuts out a lot of confusion when it's precise and to the point. I was trying to find examples but nothing yet.

I'm really not organized enough thoughtwise to be suggesting what our next step would be but I'd love to hear your opinions Plan B.

Either that have a great New Year, and drink/drive safely (not both!!!!)


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Jason Park said...

We don't have class on monday do we? I was hoping we can meet on monday for a good meeting because we haven't gotten much done so far...