Sunday, December 9, 2007

Monday meeting?

Okay everyone, my cellphone is officially dead.

It's like, in two pieces.

We still having a meeting monday or is it gonna be a write off? I dunno about you guys but I have some serious animating to do!

Basically I'll be checking back on this, as I can't be reached my phone. If I don't hear back by midnight tonight, I won't make it to whatever we have tomorrow morning :P

See you all!



Rory Madge said...

Tracy - There is no meeting tomorrow, none was scheduled and we don't have official meetings on Monday. Moreover, I can't tell everyone right now that this week I will be going to very few classes and probably will not have time for meetings of any substance. I think we should put Evil Stevil on a one week hiatus and come back to him when we have the time to do it right. I am really looking forward to working out the story/character changes and making our film great, but this week I just won't be able to concentrate on it.

Frank Macchia said...

i agree...once again im behind.
everyone finish what they need to get done to pass the semester

the final leica reel of the semesters done.

i personally need this week away from anything Evil Stevil related.