Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Evil Stevil, Design Update

At Tuesday's meeting we discussed a few little design modifications in preparation for Friday's character design assignment. I tried to take all of them into account here. It is my hope that this version will work better in terms of simplicity of design and ease of drawing, but as usual we won't know 'till we try. Thankfully, that is what the upcoming assignment is all about, so don't feel you have to adhere to this model 100%, it is a chance for everyone in the group to sink their chops into this guy and see what works and what needs more attention. Any ideas you have to make the design better: test 'em out!

Have a good one.


(P.S. Another reference for this particular version of the ES design would be my poster concept. I used the new collar, the side burns, as well as more simplified fabric shapes when I drew it, and they may be clearer when they are cleaned and coloured.)

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Frank Macchia said...

nice rory
good call on gettin rid of the helmet straps