Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coloured Versions of my Designs of ES

So I found some time to colour a couple of my designs…just to get a better feel for them...I definitely like the body on the first guy way better...I'm on the fence about the peg leg...I love the idea of the peg leg but I’m just wondering if there’s a better way to include the peg leg design-wise...rather than just a stick of wood...maybe like the end of a cane with a rubber stopper...or a piece of metal like shrapnel style...or a crutch like contraption like the one found in Rory's research...I’ll definitely continue to play around with that...the last thing is regarding the goggle's...After getting used to drawing him without them...I think he works better without them...I loved those things...thought it was hilarious that he canned the goggles for huge glasses, but still kept the goggles around...just the redundant nature of that was funny to me…but at the same time…his head was so cluttered with detail when he wore the goggles...but then there's that age old design rule that says there needs to be gaps of space around areas of important’s probably better not to have his head too cluttered...anyways...I'm excited get back to work on the film...start zoning in on some design stuff.


Rory Madge said...

Hey Frank, nice work! I really like that new body type too - once we came up with it in the meeting I started using it and it has grown on me. Same with the goggles, I still like the idea, but I am getting used to not having them, and lets face it: no goggles makes Evil Stevil that much easier to draw, and keeps the design focus on his face because of the contrast with the empty helmet space. As for the peg leg, I definitely think we can come up with something more "EVil Stevil" than a wooden stick. I noticed that the crutch peg leg looked a lot like the front handle-bar/wheel section of a motorbike, and once I get some time I'm going to try playing around with that. It'll make it that much cooler when he mounts the wheel on it! (Another similar possibility would be to have a peg leg made out of old motorbike parts, for instance: the shaft could incorporate shocks and pieces of handle bar, while a kickstand could be used for a foot.) Plenty of stuff to try!

Frank Macchia said...

haha..i like the kickstand idea...yeah thats what i was thinkin too...i drew him with just a jagged piece of shrapnel as a peg leg...but old part of a motorcycle is makes sence, plus itll look pretty hilarious

Tracy said...

You guys are silly. We might as well have him with a machine gun leg.

Oh wait. It's been done.

(Kidding XD I like both of your comments)