Monday, October 15, 2007

Podium, Trophy, and Bimbo EDITED

The second one is a contribution to the caricature fans, I am evidently the typical asian tourist kid, decked out in merchandise several sizes too large, snapping photos obnoxiously. :D

I was looking at nascar podiums, and most of them are literally PLASTERED with sponsor names. And if Evil Stevil is going to be sponsored by anyone, it's most likely going to be peas. I figure we can stick the promotion poster in the back. Like all things built for him, it's actually a piece of junk.

With the trophy, if it makes it through the story, I figured we can either do a really crappy beat up one, or one that is literally an old man on a wheelchair. Random phrases could be "Senior Achievement Award" "Active Elderly Award" "You're Not Dead Yet Award" (Ironic)

I think her name is Loraine, or Loreen. Something that can be said with some real twang to it, and as part of the job description, her hair is larger then her IQ.


P.S I looked on Microsoft Word, here are some other fonts to consider for the package


Jason Park said...

lol You're Not Dead Award. ha ha

Kayla McIlwaine said...

I love the4 design of the pg.! Awesome characture!!