Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tracy's stuff part 3

I managed to lose my notebook. there wasn't much in it, except my notes, and half the concept sketches. -_-

I'm holding out hope that I find but, but otherwise the majority of my concepts (character design, layout, four beats) are in a previous post! My postit wasn't scanned in though, and I'm at home for thanksgiving which means I don't have access to...much.

I'll see if I can do another postit and scan again tuesday, otherwise everyone else has some great jump drawings done too!

Sorry about that. I don't even wanna get into how I lost it. XD

Happy turkey day everyone :)


Haine Kim said...

damn, that sucks!
anyways, have a nice thanksgiving!

Franker12 said...

haha...we still love you Tracy