Saturday, October 13, 2007



While i was working on this, i wanted to give sepia tone with old tv look to it,

so i added brown and murky yellow color to overlay and used halftone + noise filter on it.

The fonts are the big issue.

I tried the "texas" lookalike font but it looked too busy.

so by looking at these fonts, please vote from 1 - 5 if you have time,
if you dislike all of them and if you carry some nice font that will suit our
film, please post em :D



Tracy said...

1.) Reminds me of the Incredibles font

2.) I like, but yeah, busy.

3.) Has character, but a bit too wacky?

4.) Doesn't seem like his style as much

5.) Also cool, but not something I can see him with.

Out of all of these I feel the first one is the strongest, though in comparison, I love the ones we came up with that were hand drawn.

If we're looking for FONTS for the WRITING in the pitch package, we want something PLAIN, and SIMPLE! Preferably THICK as well so it's very easy to read. In that case I feel like the first one works very well. :)

Haine Kim said...

thanks for the feedback!

Rory Madge said...

Hey, I really like the filters for the old TV look. I think it might be really cool if the whole film were like that. We could work out similar filters in After Effects and do it no problem. As for the text, I'd say of the 5 the first is the best. I did a quick font search on the internet as well, and I'll post them on the blog for you to check out.

Jason Park said...

Ha ha I love the American flag behind Evil Stevil. :)

Franker12 said... lovin the filter on that...i like that it looks like a propoganda poster for world war 2 or something...i like that style