Saturday, October 20, 2007

Evil Stevil: Who is he?

Hello everyone!
As the time got closer to midnight, a state of anguish(!) rushed through my mind and wanted to explore Evil Stevil's character. Inspired by friday's mentor meeting, I decided to brainstorm and think deeply into the character.

All of us drew very nice designs of evil stevil the other day...and I felt my drawing was a little rough. So to compensate that, I felt I needed to write this huge psychological Shit and ANALysis about HIM.

I felt that having his neck extruding 90 degrees angle works really good and gave him anger look, because those types of neck gives strong impression about the personality such as stubbornness and pigheadedness.
However, I felt that his overall body shape was too elongated. I thought a man spending 50 years sitting on his chair doing nothing but building model ramp could be much much shorter and stubby.. I feel that old people shrink in size.. and shrink.. and shrink.. Ive been working in this variety store for 5 years and wow, I'm surprised to see how these old people got shrunk! lol
(theres a nursing home near variety store that I did volunteer work). Evil Stevil simply didn't die, or defied death until now to do this Freakin Jump! I can't even measure his stubbornness if he just had to survive to complete his one last goal. Very greedy, and very very stubborn... refusing to DIE. I felt that Frank's stout looking character design totally works for this behavior.

most of our designs had a pegged leg. first time I liked it because it was just funny to see. But after listening to DQ, I guess everything has to have a metaphor. maybe too picky, but at least it brainstorms us to think about the character :D. So I brought up a question: Pegged leg could possibly mean that he has got into an accident doing his stunt. Does that mean he is trying to regain fame from his prime age because he possibly failed previous stunt? (sounds like Frank's original premise! which is really good!) or 2. He lost his fame simply because he has been designing this Finale ramp for too long? (wow, I really sound like bitching...sorry...) I just thought that things has to justify the Character.

When I was working today, I examined OLD OLD people who are from Clarkson nursing home. Most of old people had their legs straight and carefully walked around with cane or walker. I thought that when they start bending their legs, it might pull them down straight because they can't handle the upper body mass... ouch..

This was the part I didn't understand about Evil Stevil. Is he totally feeble and powerless? Does he sit on his wheelchair when he's working on the model jump? or Can he walk around with a cane? or can he walk around without a cane?

Honestly, I liked the overall design that we agreed on thursday, but I had a feeling that something could be done with his eyes. I'm not saying it can't be animated, I felt that we are not using the opportunity to have more expressive eyes. Because we have death's eye Hollow.. or just a black hole, I felt that having a full eyeball for Evil Stevil would differ the animation value from death.
So I thought if we are keeping the dotted eye, maybe we can bend the glasses frame to add more emotions. Like the animation Stickin around [although its totally different style], they shift the shapes of glasses frame to give emotions. I am not sure how suitable it would be regarding the style that we are going to decide, but its just another possibilities.

Althought we have much work to do regarding action analysis over the break, I will try my best to come up with many sketches to help me and our group to recognize Evil Stevil more. I feel that we have very strong people in our group and I'm sure everyone in our group are capable of thinking about these.

After all, this whole thing was just another opinionated and totally dictated by the stereotype. The whole thread was about my view on the character. I just felt that I needed to post this long long b.s. so that everybody can ask questions and solidly express their opinions.
Thanks for reading this huge thread, and sorry for taking so much space of our blog! :D


Frank Macchia said...

kickass post haine...i like your reasoning and your definitely gonna take some of the things you said into consideration for the next drawings i do of evil raised some great really keeps me goin to see everyones dedication and enthusiasm towards this film...solid stuff

Jason Park said...

Wow, some good points that I've never thought of before!

I'll also try to find some time to work on Evil Stevil's design too!