Monday, October 15, 2007


as of 1:50 AM, these are the missing parts of the pitchpack

4 - 8 story beats : Vivian, Frank, SiYeun ( Tues Morning )
Evil Stevil vs. Death (relationship): Rory ( Tues Morning )

Real Jump: Matt ( got a word from him also! :D )

Page of Evil Stevil ---------- I think what Nabeel has compiled last time can be useful

Page of Death -------------- same for this one


if you don't see ur name, i already have urs!


Jason Park said...

I'm working on mine right now. Hopefully I'll get it done in couple hours!

Haine Kim said...

well i took ur sketches and compiled it.. :)

Haine Kim said...

if u want more stuff to be included, sure, upload them after