Thursday, October 4, 2007

Group Beats for Friday Oct 6 Meeting With DQ

Beats for tomorrow’s meeting with DQ

*three interpretations of your beat in rough thumbnail form*

1) DONE – ES building jump model/ unknown person watching TV. (Igor, Kayla Frank)

2) (KAYLA) Es Choking/ flailing into model/ intro of death.

3) DONE – Coughs up pea – runs through jump model. (Rory, Jack)

4) (JASON) ES becomes excited after the model works, and is ready to do the jump for real.

5) (VERONICA) Death is examining the jump and looks skeptical as ES runs around getting ready to do the jump.

6) (SI YEON) ES on the phone announcing he is going to do the jump. “Hello? Mr. President. It’s Evil Stevil, Sir. Notify the country! I’m gonna JUMP AGAIN!”

7) (IGOR) Title card/ title sequence.

8) (TRACY) Establishing shot of the event.

9) (RORY) Death and ES are at the top of the jump arguing about the outcome.

10) (FRANK) ES wheels over the edge of the jump.

11) (JACK) Jump design (in desert, in city).

12) (HAINE) Death is in the audience and becomes increasingly more worried about ES’s safety.

13) (NABZ) ES lands the jump but trips over something, sending him flying into the air. (pea, can of peas, whatever)

14) (VIVIAN) ES’s tumble/ fall/ body being thrown over the ground leaving him crumpled and broken (dead).

15) DONE – Death and ES look at his dead body as they say Gbye. (rory, haine, igor, frank, kayla, jack, jason)

16) (MATT) Death is now living with the younger dare devil. Young dare devil is confused/ scared. Death is happy he has a new companion.


Jason Park said...

Thanks for the prompt post!

I forgot to ask. Is Death revealed in my part or is he still unseen at this point?

Jason Park said...

Oops never mind. He is revealed at part #2. lol

nabsmirza said...

awesome -- thanks for posting this.

Haine Kim said...

thanks !

Kayla McIlwaine said...