Friday, October 19, 2007

Storyboard Thumbnail Assignment for the Reading Week

So over the reading week we are all expected to complete a rough thumbnail storyboard. We broke the story up into three main acts. You only need to board out the act you were assigned.


- Rory
- Si Yeun
- Nabeel


- Veronika
- Vivian
- Matt
- Jack
- Igor


- Kayla
- Frank
- Tracy
- Jason
- Haine

Just so everyone is clear, the setup is from the beginning of the story to when Evil Stevil is on the phone announcing he is going to jump again. The Jump (middle portion) consists of from when he begins the jump to when he is crumbled and dead at the feet of the models at the podium. Finally, the end consists of from when Death enters to see Evil Stevil's dead body, too obviously the end of the story.

Remember, they just have to be rough thumbnails and should be done on those tiny post-its.

Have a good reading week guys.

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