Friday, October 26, 2007

DQ my 2and a half cents

Hi All

I really like the discussion about the character designs you are having on the blog

I shows you are thinking about character in context of the story and back story
someone mentioned the peg leg as a metaphor...I maybe but as it stands you are using it as
a great device to tell back story and character personally of determination

Stevil's character design is looking nice but my first impression is that he does not look 110 years old more like 60 to 70, also his clothing is puffy making him look like he is more muscular
I agree that too much facial props like the goggles will become a pain , especially when trying to make the animation work, it can become tedious. but it can also add to the design...just more thinking to do about it

Remember (iconically(I'm not sure this is a real word)) very old people, shrink, deform, stiffen, shake, loose elasticity( things droop to gravity), loose body parts like teeth, and Eye site degrade
this is something we all know universally
and buy adding Stevil's as an unique old man because of his history, back story, and determining determination is creating great character possibilities

the blog discussion is great it shows you all care and are working toward Stevil and Death uniqueness and good story to be told

keep up the great work
Maybe we could all meet earlier this week, could we meet Monday or Tuesday

Love ya DUDEs



Jason Park said...

Are we supposed to meet on 1pm on coming Monday? Can't remember...

Rory Madge said...

Yeah, I can't remember either...
(I might have trouble getting back in time so let me know as soon as possible. Thanks.)