Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Deadlines Leading up to The Group Pitch in Week 7

Hey everyone,

As you all know our group story pitch is coming up in 2 weeks (week 7). I’ve scheduled out what needs to be done before that deadline, in order for us to have a successful pitch. We seem to be zoning in on our final story, I’m sure there will be a few more minor changes but as it stands right now these will be our deadlines. Mark these dates down on your tracking sheets.

Thursday, October 4th (this Thursday) (week 5)

- The 4 beat panels that include your interpretation of the Setup, Conflict, Climax, and Resolution

- These should be semi-clean drawings, no rough thumbnails.

- Focus mainly on storytelling (composition, camera angles, all that stuff) but also keep character and layout design in mind.

Tuesday, October 9th (week 6)

- This is the Tuesday following the long weekend. We will meet in Natallie’s storyboarding class.

- The work expected for this day will be a rough storyboard of the entire film. (all boards to be done on post-its).

- We will briefly present our boards, and give constructive criticism for improvements.

- We will discuss this on this Thursday’s meeting (Oct 4) and as a group will decide an appropriate amount of time to spend on this. We will also decide if we want to board out the whole story, or assign scenes or sections to smaller groups of people (split the story up amongst the group).

Thursday, October 11th (week 6)

- We will meet in the studio during are usual meeting time.

- The work expected for this meeting will be the storyboards with any revisions that were suggested during the Tuesday meeting.

- During this meeting we will focus on choosing the storyboard interpretations that we believe work the best.

- During this meeting it will be our goal to nail down our first draft storyboard that will be used to present our group story pitch the following week.

We will discuss these deadlines in this Weeks production meeting with Tony and/or our Thursday group meeting. It is my intention that this email would help organize everyone and give them an idea of what’s ahead. Having said that, if there are any issues with the deadlines I have proposed, we will discuss them as a group and come up with a solution. The amount of time spent on each one of these deadlines will also be determined as a group.

Thanks Guys. Have a good one.


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